Digital Batman’s Coffee Break

So I was talking with my good friend, SaaS VP Keith Berling at PTC, about coffee recently.

I told him how I prepare the perfect cup of Digital Batman coffee before and after my killer morning Bat-workouts!

  1. Brew Dunkin’ Dark Roast coffee (because Digital Batman is a Dark Digital Knight)
  2. Add Stevia (a healthier sweetener alternative)
  3. Add pure dark chocolate cocoa powder (for the anti-oxidants, and keeping with the dark theme)
  4. Add pure Ceylon ground cinnamon (for its anti-inflammatory properties)
  5. Add almond milk-based creamer like Califia Farms (for zero cholesterol)
  6. And finally add a splash of non-alcoholic Bailey’s Irish Coffee Creamer.

A healthy way to start the day!

That’s about right!