Going Pro!

I’m sure that you’ve all seen those crazy videos on YouTube of dogs being left alone in their homes with a GoPro camera attached to them. They invariably end up getting into all kinds of mischief while their owners are away. And of course, the dog gives a, “I didn’t do it…” look that always melts their humans’ hearts.

GoPro, Inc. themselves is one of those hugely successful companies that were borne out of a simple idea from a completely unrelated event.

A guy by the name of Nick Woodman (hmm, Digital Batman’s alter ego’s name is Nick) back in 2002 was out surfing one day in Australia. He was hoping to capture some awesome action photos while riding the waves but was unable to because no amateur photographer had neither the affordable equipment nor the experience to get close enough for the really good shots.

So was borne the idea of a high resolution, incredibly compact, and easy‐to‐use camera that could go anywhere and take any kind of action shot—and eventually action video.

Not only have GoPro’s have been put on mischievous dogs but they’ve been everywhere from attached to flying drones getting impossible aerial shots (now used in motion picture productions), to spelunking and sky diving, and even into space—as one little girl did a few years ago onboard a Hello Kitty‐crewed rocket (see the Best of them All vid to the right)!

This company has grown incredibly fast since 2002 and sports a huge line of products that have literally transformed the digital photography and videography landscapes!

We’re building solutions that enable people to capture and share life experiences…and as a result GoPro is growing virally via content creation and sharing.

~ Nick Woodman, CEO of GoPro, inc.

GoPro, Inc. received the Technology Emmy for 2013 from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, for allowing television productions professionals to capture engaging perspectives that were never before possible.

This visionary Californian company even offers million dollar challenges and annual awards (see vid to the right) for amazing photography and video!

Traded in the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker GPRO, the company is currently worth around a billion dollars—its ultimate value high being over $10 billion back in 2014.

Eventually, they’ll make GoPro cameras small enough (i.e. nano-sized) to travel the vast arteries and caverns of the human body!

Fantastic Voyage indeed!

Some really cool GoPro Vids

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A couple of my favorites!

Spartan Race Beast 2018 (All Obstacles) — OCR Kings
GoPro Awards: Medieval Castle FPV through Mont Saint-Michel

And of course the Best of them All!


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