IDIC Personified

Today’s Progressive Pioneer comes from far away—not a galaxy far, far away (that’ll be in another post)—but from far in the future, about 300 years.

Yep! That’s right. I’m talking about the one and only Mister Spock! A Starfleet captain before his retirement, a United Federation of Planets Ambassador to the Romulan Star Empire, and a lauded scientist.

Ever since Zefram Cochrane’s first contact with the Vulcans on April 5, 2063 (A.K.A. First Contact Day), humans have been in awe of their outstanding scientific prowess that stems from their almost completely logical minds.

Born on Vulcan in 2230, Spock son of Sarek son of Skon, had achieved the level of accolades in the sciences as well as in other disciplines few in the Federation have been able to match.

Half Vulcan and half human, Mr. Spock is truly a Progressive Pioneer. Here are some of his more notable accomplishments during his time as first officer of the USS Enterprise (NCC 1701, NCC 1701‐A):

  • Made first contact communication via the Vulcan Mind‐Meld with a remarkable alien species known as the Horta
  • Successfully implemented the Cold Matter/Anti‐matter startup equation saving the Enterprise from certain destruction
  • Successfully plotted time‐travel slingshot path around the sun bringing Humpback Whales back to the future to save Earth
  • Solved inter‐dimensional space crisis rescuing both his commanding officer, Captain James T. Kirk, and the ship
  • Reconfigured Warp Drive engines on refitted Enterprise to enable ship and crew to intercept the VGER threat to Earth
  • Built a quantum computer out of antiquated 1930s technological resources in an effort to restore the prime timeline
  • Survived encounter with giant Space Amoeba in order to take vital readings that in turn helped save the ship and potentially the galaxy
  • Devised a way to beat an attacking rogue Klingon Bird of Prey’s cloaking device, saving the Khitomer Peace Talks with the Klingons.

Mr. Spock has been honored by every major Federation and Vulcan organization that recognizes great achievements across many disciplines.

His work at fostering peace between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets is legendary.

And long in the future, Mr. Spock is also credited with laying down the foundations for reuniting the Vulcan and Romulan peoples, who live together in peace on the planet Ni’Var (formerly known as Vulcan).

The Symbol of The Vulcan IDIC

Spock personified the Vulcan philosophy of the IDIC (i.e. Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations). This is the beautiful core tenet of the Vulcan people that celebrates diversity in all peoples, species, cultures, and more.

And even though he disappeared into a black hole in 2387 while attempting to save Romulus (homeworld of the Romulan people) from a supernova, we will always remember and honor Mr. Spock (portrayed by the late great Leonard Nimoy [shown below], Ethan Peck, and Zachary Quinto in numerous historical dramatizations known as Star Trek) for the inspiring Progressive Pioneer that he was.

“Live Long and Prosper” Mister Nimoy (the definitive Spock)!