Let’s take one for a spin!

This brainteaser looks so simple, but it’s not!

There are 50 bikes with a tank that has the capacity to go 100 km. Using these 50 bikes, what is the maximum distance that you can go?
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350 km

You might initially think of just making a simple multiplication of the number of bikes and capacities. But remember each has 100 km capacity and they are all in the same place. You could set all 50 bikes off but they’d all only travel 100 km. Now, one solution would be to move all bikes 50 km. Then empty half the bikes’ fuel tanks into the other to fill them up. Keep doing this until you have 1 bike with a full tank to finish the trek. Of course, you’ll have the odd bike stranded when dividing odd numbers. This way you’ll get the last bike of the 50 to have traveled 350 km in total.