• January 29, 2020

    My Dog’s Expensive Tastes!

    This meme [to the right] is for all of you dog lovers out there! Where I currently work (i.e. PTC’s Boston Seaport HQ), there is a Polka Dog Bakery that opened up sometime around late Summer/early Fall of 2019. It was quite a coincidence because a year prior my wife, daughter, and I got a beautiful little Golden Retriever puppy. Needless to say, we spoiled that little puppy and now she’s a full-fledged highfalutin dog. Anyway, we spend a lot of money (too much!) on our golden with regards to treats and toys. Heck! We even have pet insurance through my company! Anyway, when I started working at PTC, it turned out to be quite a boon for our dog that a Polka Dog Bakery was literally in the street-level retail (or should I say, “re-tail”?) shops of the very building that is my company’s HQ. Needless to say, every week I’ve been averaging about $35 – $45 dollars (sometimes more) on bully rings, chicken chewies, turkey sausage sticks, cod skins, Henny Penny treats, and lots more for the dog. I’ve gone there so many times that the manager and some of the staff know me by name! LOL! Anyway, it’s all worth it when I get home from work and she’s waiting for me in the yard. I usually reach into my work backpack and pull out a little treat for the pooch and she goes crazy over it. I’m such a sucker for a furry face!
  • January 7th through January 10th were the dates that the epic annual Consumer Electronics Show (A.K.A. CES) in Las Vegas happened recently. Even though Digital Batman was unable to get to this massive tech conference—due to prior commitments chasing after tech villains such as RISC-Riddler—I have managed to compile a list of some of the most bizarre tech shown off at this year’s CES. Toilet Paper Anyone? Leaving the flashy super-advanced 8K TVs aside, this year’s CES was marked by what has to be the most inventive, if not quirky, technological invention of the year: a toilet paper-delivering robot! Yep! You heard that right. The Charmin RollBot is by far the most unique invention yet. And surprisingly useful! How can you argue the merits of a machine that brings you toilet paper in your most dire of needs?! Olive You! Need a delicious helping of fresh olive oil for your salad or sandwich? Well, you’re in luck. The Fresco Eva Mini olive oil dispenser will serve up this ancient delicacy in a Keurig K-cup-like experience. And there’s an added benefit of the final elixir being so fresh that you’d swear you had pressed the olives yourself! Easy on the Eyes! So you like to experience social media on your phone but have trouble with the small screen? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just view the app on a TV? Oh, but then it would still be relatively small, right? Wrong! The new Samsung Sero remedies all of that! It is a large-screen TV that flips into a vertical position (like you’d see at mall kiosks) to display your entire Instagram feed in mega eye-candy glory! Though, no one really asked for this, I’m sure people will try the Sero anyway because who can’t get enough of large-format social media, right? Getting Around in Style… You...