What Gets You Up in the Morning?

Posted by on 3rd July , 2017

Discouraged-writer-300x238Sometimes I have too much time on my hands; sometimes I never seem to have enough.

I don’t know, I can be a big procrastinator. But I can be so crazy-focused on the job at hand that I won’t rest until it’s done.

Go figure.

I love to exercise, and I love to write. And most of the time I get to do both.

But there are times when I go through periods that won’t do both. I don’t know why.

Anyway, I wake up one morning and all of a sudden I’m driven again to work on my body and my books!

I know it may seem weird but it’s me. What can I say?

And when the writing gets ratcheted up, I feel amazing.

I like that amazing feeling.

I suppose that’s what gets me up in the morning. That promise that today I will create something new and awesome!

Don’t let anyone stomp on your dreams. Keep plugging away at them!

The only person you have to answer to is yourself.

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