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Hey Readers, Fellow Sci-Fi Fans, and Geeks Like Me!

Welcome to the new home of my latest blog!

Actually TenthSphere.com has been around since I registered it back in 1999. Ten years later I finally decided to make an actual website with that domain name. The first TenthSphere.com (not unlike the first Matrix) was a utopian mishmash of blog posts, professional and creative writing samples portfolio, subdomains for selected purposes, and an online class registration site. The second TenthSphere.com was strictly a writing samples portfolio. Now this current one is dedicated to my author’s blog—the professional writing samples are located at portfolio.tenthsphere.com. And there you will find a wealth of professional writing pieces from marketing collateral, journalistic articles, press releases, technical writing, long- and short-form copywriting, websites, videos, and more! Plus, there is a vast amount of story telling around all theses pieces that will hopefully help other writers avoid the pitfalls that come with trying to establish career in writing for business, entertainment, and freelance work.

However, as any creative writer trying to make inroads into the publishing industry and acquire representation, these days one has to have a blog. I’m already on LinkedIn, YouTube, the IMDb, and Absolutewrite.com but that’s not enough. Though I gave up Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms a while ago due to the huge distractions and other drawbacks they caused (I’ll blog about that prevailing philosophy soon), author’s need a blog that is truly their own to showcase the depths of their creativity and writing prowess.

My dream has always been to be a Science Fiction and genre author, ever since I was a kid. So even if my day job is something else, I will always be writing sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural and hope that people will read and enjoy my stories.

As a blogger, I sometimes go by the moniker of Digital BatmanBatman (A.K.A. The Dark Knight) being one of my all-time favorite superheroes of course. And as Digital Batman, I am sometimes plagued by digital super-villains, such as Cyber Joker, Malware Ivy, RISC-Riddler, and my off-and-on nefarious paramour Digital Catwoman. They may popup from time to time on this blog, so beware!

I’m also a fitness enthusiast and cosplayer. I love going to comic cons. And I love being in shape to cosplay as superheroes or super-villains! To that end, I’ve developed a program for middle-aged cosplayers who want to get into shape to look like the superheroes and super-heroines they know they are. It’s called Fitness 50 Cosplay, and you can learn all about here.

Like Bruce Wayne (i.e Batman) I am a professional writer from Boston Massachusetts by day. I do a lot of PR, Marketing & Communications, Social Media, Copy and Business Writing for companies and organizations. Currently, I’m working for one of the best most progressive and socially conscious companies in the Boston area: PTC.

PTC is a software company that develops and sells CAD, IoT, PLM, and AR software for industrial manufacturers for industries such as Aerospace, Electronics and High Tech, and Automotive to name a few.

They were voted the top company to work for in the Boston area for 3 years in a row by The Boston Globe.

At PTC, I get to write blogs, case studies, podcast and video scripts, web pages, marketing collateral, and other content for both the PLM product marketing group and other cross-segment initiatives.

It’s a wonderful place to work, and the Seaport District where PTC’s HQ is absolutely amazing! See my blog post on Boston’s Innovation District to learn more about this amazing upcoming part of Boston.

Before that, I was the Senior Marketing Communications Writer and Producer of Special Programs with Dedham Television and Media Engagement Center. I had the great fortune to produce my own show, Nick’s Sci-Fi Corner, and other videos with this organization.

I was also a freelance journalist with Motif Magazine, an arts and entertainment print publication and webzine based in Providence Rhode Island. I wrote about pop-culture events such as San Diego Comic-Con and Rhode Island Comic Con.

Again, see my online portfolio (mentioned and linked above) to learn more about my overall professional career and the great companies that I’ve worked for.

Also, I am working on developing my own sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural small press publishing enterprise called TenthSphere Collections. My hope is that I can not only publish my own works (aside from my traditionally published books) but also others’ in compendiums with titles such as Space Brain and Cognition Rhapsody. Look for those at my writer’s table in future comic cons!

But really, I just LOVE write. Here’s some of the types of stories that I pen (or keyboard!):

  • Science Fiction (Hard and Fanciful)
  • Fantasy Fiction (namely Pirate fiction)
  • Supernatural Fiction
  • Action/Adventure
  • Star-crossed Romance
  • Poetry
  • Children’s Science-based Adventure Fiction
  • Thought Pieces
  • Non-fiction Inspirational
  • Fitness & Health
  • Eco-Fiction

To all of my fellow writers out there, I say never give up your dreams of writing. Write the way you want to write. Don’t let any one else impose their views upon your writing and writing style but always keep an open mind concerning feedback. Be strong and have a thick skin because you’re going to take a beating as a writer but you’ll come out of it stronger and better in the end. And have fun writing! You write because you love it, not just because it may pay the bills or make you look good. If you don’t love it; don’t bother doing it.

Again, I love to write; you will see in these posts and all over this site just how much!


Nick Iandolo

“The eye that looks ahead to the safe course is closed forever.”
~Paul Muad’Dib, DUNE