Movie Trivia — Engineering Theme

In honor of the Oscars recently, I’ve decided to offer an engineering cinematic trivia contest.

Why an engineering theme?

Well, currently my day job is creating content for a great software company whose customers are engineers for manufacturing industries. So why not?

See if you can guess the movie titles from the descriptions below (provide the years as well):

  1. Astronomer gets world to build a giant cosmic faster-than-light ship based on a message from space.
  2. Abandoned astronaut uses science to survive on desolate world while his crew mates figure out how to rescue him.
  3. American businessman builds largest airplane in the world and kicks off the airline industry while he descends into mental illness.
  4. Paranoid monarch takes a woman in lieu of tribute to fund building his massive robber-proof tomb.
  5. Two western men aid the Chinese army in defending their country from an invasion of a horde of supernatural creatures.

The last one is not really about building anything as it simply glorifies a great ancient structure.

In the meantime, Digital Batman’s got you covered with hints for you below!

Now that’s what I call a machine!
Good Will is not hunting here!
What? Only coach seats available! Come on!
Her eternal beauty will outlast even The Great Pyramids of Giza!
Good Will again? This time in China. Man, does he get around!
Click here for the answers!
Contact, 1997
The Martian, 2015
The Aviator, 2004
Land of the Pharaohs, 1955
The Great Wall, 2016