The following digital copywriting samples represent my most recent and preeminent published pieces.

These pieces range from a public policy scientific opinion, a trade pub informational article on traffic control and work zones, thought leadership on oil & gas and the environment, a pharmacoepidemiology consulting services ad, PLM trends analysis trade pub article, SEO-driven content marketing blog, a metrics-driven ROI customer success case study, to various datasheets, and an Agile-methodology-focused webinar.

There are many more samples available that range from copywriting, journalism, UX/UI writing, tech writing, videos, PR, social media, custom graphics, branding, to websites all on my legacy portfolio here.

The Power of Data Science for Human Health

Ghost-wrote this opinion piece for Dr. John Doyle, GVP of Health Sciences at Exponent.

The original draft was intended for publication on the Exponent.com website; however, Dr. Doyle felt that it could be a great piece for Morning Consult.

After we polished it, Exponent’s PR agency pitched it to the digital pub, which accepted it.

The final published piece is a vastly abridged version for the pub.

Click here to read the original version.

A PDF version of the Morning Consult article can be viewed here.

I couldn’t have written it without you. It’s a far better piece thanks to you Nick.”

Dr. John Doyle, GVP Health Sciences, Exponent
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CAUTION: Avoid the Legal Detour: Understand your Traffic Control Before You Dig

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This informational article appears in both the print and digital versions of the February 2022 edition of Construction Outlook Magazine (a publication from the Utility Contractors’ Association of New England, UCANE).

Just like the piece above on Data Science and Human Health, this was originally intended for publication on the Exponent.com website under Thought Leadership. However, after a few discussions with Craig Steigerwalt, and John Osteraas, both experts in civil construction and structural engineering at Exponent, it was determined that the topic warranted a chance to appear in a trade pub.

It focuses on the challenges of safely managing pedestrian and vehicular traffic at construction work zones—including best practices to help stakeholders avoid legal issues stemming from avoidable accidents.

After my meetings with Craig and John, I got to work researching the topic, which included much more statistics and content than appears in the final published article. There was also a quote that I originally got from a PR director at CB Richard Ellis. But of course, once editors and SMEs revise a piece, a copywriter is lucky to have a fraction of their original words preserved in the final published article. Fortunately, this one fared better than most as over half of my original draft made it through!

A version of the original draft can be found here.

Oprhan Wells — A Big Problem Looking for a Solution

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This thought leadership piece was ghost-written by me along with two experts in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Drs. Julian Hallai & L. Brun Hilbert at Exponent.

The piece originally began as a discussion on how to properly and responsibly abandon idle and orphaned oil and natural gas wells—of which there are are tens of thousands of them strewn throughout the United States alone.

However, the piece quickly evolved into an environmental discussion as Methane and other other hazardous emissions from these orphaned wells pose a critical public health and safety crisis that is not being wholly addressed—as evidenced by two incidents of blowouts noted in the piece.

The entire article is published on Exponent.com. A PDF version can be found here.

ISPE – ICPE 2021 — Pharmacoepidemiology

This print ad for Exponent’s Pharmacoepidemiology consulting services appeared in the 2021 ISPE – ICPE conference program book.

Again, this was a collaboration project with Dr. John Doyle at Exponent.

The original copywriter assigned to this project went on vacation. I stepped in at the nth hour because the deadline for this ad cropped up unexpectedly.

Working with Dr. Doyle, I crafted this ad that appeared in both the print and digital versions of the conference’s program book (pg. 69).

It was the best piece of writing I had seen in all my years at Exponent.”

Jessica Donnelly, Senior Marketing Manager, Exponent
Full-page Ad for Exponent’s Pharmacoepidemiology Expertise.

Five PLM Trends to Watch for in 2020

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Ghost-wrote this PLM trends analysis trade pub piece while working as a Content Marketing Writer at PTC (an industry-leading global manufacturing software conglomerate).

This was written for Kevin Wrenn, the then GM of PLM at PTC, and was published in the February 2020 edition of NewDesign Magazine UK.

The piece was originally drafted from interviews with three SMEs (two VPs and a product engineer).

It took a lot of wrangling to reconcile the SMEs’ conflicting thoughts about upcoming PLM trends.

Here are some snippets from those interviews:

Christoph [VP]

Cloud-Based Services

Need to be careful, with the Onshape acquisition Lift and Shift WC [Windchill] and Azure now SaaS. On Prem. Where do we talk about true SaaS most likely with the Onshape platform?


Free upgrades (discuss with Francois).

Siemens (DT [Digital Thread] IoT), Dassault (multi-system, not heterogeneous), Aras (upgrade for free)

Dave [Product Eng.] – Security and Cloud are talked together. Advantages cheaper, updating security patches immediately (not a trend for 2020).

Put more weight on Francois for 2020, Christoph for 2025 (i.e. upgradeability).

PLM UX for next gen interface architecture for DT workflow.

Francois [VP]

We need to be aligned with industry trends. A group of people who think the same thing, reflect the market direction.

PLM UX for next gen. not a trend.

Companies want a fast time to value, OOTB for PLM – these are trends.

Beneteau Puts Digital Thread to the Test

As part of PTC’s PLM Product Marketing Group, I got to be a blog author with the Corporate Communications Group. Each segment of the company from CAD, IoT, AR, SCP, to PLM had contributing blog authors that answered to the Director of Corporate Communications and had to adhere to the highest editorial standards for customer-facing content.

Creating continuous blog content for the segment and the company required a diligent approach to SEO-driven copy with the sole purpose of content marketing driving conversions.

The content had to also be engaging and exceptionally professional—especially when referencing a major PTC customer such as Groupe Beneteau (one of the world’s leading manufacturers of luxury yachts and homes).

A PDF version of the blog post can be viewed here.

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Success Metrics Driven by PLM — Vaillant Group’s Digital Transformation

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Case Studies are a staple of the copywriting profession. At PTC, I got a chance to write quite a few of them.

This one here for Vaillant Group (a German HVAC manufacturer) was especially challenging to write.

Taking an entire PowerPoint deck of ECN (i.e., engineering change notice) metrics and turning it into a vibrant customer-success story was a heavy lift.

However, the end result was a great case study that everyone was pleased with—especially the customer.

So much so, that six months later they came back to us to update it with even more results!

A PDF version of the case study can be viewed here.

The PanoramiC Platform

The following is an example of a datasheet/marketing collateral piece that I wrote for SeaChange International used both at conferences and online.

Click image to view the entire 4-page PDF.

ID-Suite DMV

The following is an example of a datasheet/marketing collateral piece that I wrote for L-1 Identity Solutions (now IDEMIA) used both at conferences and online.

Click image to view the entire 2-page PDF.

BMW’s Way to 100% Agile — Insights into our Agile Transformation

This webinar was a massive project that involved reimagining a derailed video production project. Long story short, PTC had sent a film crew to BMW’s flagship manufacturing plant in Germany to shoot a promo vid. However, when they got there, they were locked out because a change in management decided to shelve the project.

The VP of Go-to-Market Marketing for PLM at PTC wanted to salvage what he could with the project. First, his Director of Product Marketing tried to enlist the help of a production company to see if they could fake the auto-manufacturing plant footage with some kind of stock or substitute B-roll footage but none were satisfactory.

Finally, it was decided to go in a different direction. The task fell upon me to take a recorded breakout session at PTC’s live customer experience conference (known as LiveWorx)—that focused on discussing how Agile methodology and PTC’s PLM platform work synergistically to create a transparent and efficient workflow between teams in the design to manufacturing process—and turn it into an ostensible webinar with an Intro/Outro/Q&A, title cards, links, and animations.

The sales deck and session footage were synched by me using Frame.io. I also wrote all of the Intro/Outro/Q&A copy (link here). And, finally I worked with the in-house agency to add the rest of the design elements to the final presentation.

When the webinar was launched, it had thousands of registrants globally in attendance. It was also promoted in Industry Week. The end result was a huge success turing a failed project into a winning asset!

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