• January 21, 2020

    Digital Batman’s Coffee Break

    So I was talking with my good friend, SaaS VP Keith Berling at PTC, about coffee recently. I told him how I prepare the perfect cup of Digital Batman coffee before and after my killer morning Bat-workouts! Brew Dunkin’ Dark Roast coffee (because Digital Batman is a Dark Digital Knight) Add Stevia (a healthier sweetener alternative) Add pure dark chocolate cocoa powder (for the anti-oxidants, and keeping with the dark theme) Add pure Ceylon ground cinnamon (for its anti-inflammatory properties) Add almond milk-based creamer like Califia Farms (for zero cholesterol) And finally add a splash of non-alcoholic Bailey’s Irish Coffee Creamer. A healthy way to start the day!
  • So the other day, I attended the PTC Benefits Fair down on the 3rd floor at the Seaport HQ. I actually found the event quite helpful because I had a lot of questions about my various benefits that were answered. In fact, the WageWorks rep was truly helpful telling me about a commuter parking pass debit card that would make my life a lot easier because I wouldn’t have to file a reimbursement claim for parking expenses, and also have to upload a bunch of receipts. This is the obscure yet imporant kind of information that new employees really need to know about. One of the vendors, Burnalong, was particularly interesting as I am a fitness enthusiast and try to get over to the Fitness Center (also on the 3rd floor) as often as I can—gotta stay in shape to catch all of those digital criminals! The interesting thing about my visit to their table was that, like a plethora of other fitness apps (some of which I pay for), they too had an app, and it is free! So, I signed up for it and downloaded the app.Which got me thinking about a few other apps that we use here at PTC. First, and arguably to most important app, is Benefitfocus. This little app holds a lot of power for PTC employees. Here you can check or modify your company benefits, receive reminders and tasks concerning your benefits, shop for products related to your benefits, and set up a well‐being checklist (e.g. get a flu shot), and more all in one convenient place. When Digital Batman joined PTC, the first thing I did was download this app, which has proven itself quite handy at times—especially on vacation believe it or not Next up is the aforementioned Burnalong app. This...